One of the biggest reasons why MOST PEOPLE can't start is that there seems to be a FORCE preventing them-FORCES preventing them from starting. Parang ayaw talaga ng TADHANA. Parang they’re AFRAID to start or even CHANGE.

You call this FEAR. No, it’s probably NOT. It's probably called the "PROGRAMMING OF SCHOOL" - to keep you working working working and NOT CHANGE MUCH.

It's a trap. Look at this diagram: THE TRAP.

Now, if you’re an OFW, you MIGHT be trapped in the so-called OFW TRAP (a term borrowed from She).

You spend all your productive years working abroad, away from your family.

You renew your contract or change country of the work destination until you reach the age limit for OFW.

You are a typical balikbayan every year or every 2 years.

You are "sanay" na to squeeze quality times with your loved ones in one month or less.

You often see your family via Facetime/FB video call, thanks to the internet, but you cannot hug or kiss them.

You reach your senior age with many lost opportunities important in building your relationships.

Isa ka din bang OFW?

Do you have family members who are OFW?

Do you want to end the sad plight of OFW families?

Do you desire to get out of the trap?

If your answer is big YES continue reading.

This Monday, listen to the story of a Pinay domestic helper in Singapore who finds ways to get out of the trap.

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