Q: I’m confused about how to do the assignment.


A: How to do the assignment:

1. Write down on paper 100 reasons why you're doing this.

Usually at this point people GIVE UP -and never write the reasons. This means you lack the purpose and pain to make it. So you can give up --until wala ka ng choice.

2. If you survived that. (list making)...pick an APP from the long list. Go find How to use the app (or software) in youtube.

3. Watch the videos repeatedly.

4. Try doing it yourself.

5. Screenshot each step into image files. (don't know how? Google for "How to Screenshot in Windows")

6. Load the images into Powerpoint.

7. Repeat until you have created 100 slides per app.

8. Find another app. Stop until you have created powerpoints for 10 apps.

9. Follow the rules and formats of powerpoints as I gave them.

So w/c one is confusing?


These are the common reactions when Virtual Career students discovered that they are going to make 10 tutorials in power point with minimum 100 slides per tutorial:

100 slides? Ang dami naman!

Anong tools po kaya ang puedeng pag aralan?

I watched all the seminar videos, still confused though of how to do the assignment.

I’ve read the Virtual Careers book, but still I don’t know where to start with tutorials.

I’m working kaya hindi ko maharap ang assignment.

Are you one of them?

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